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Hi! Allison here, 
it's so awesome to meet you!


I'm a Michigan based Wedding photographer who is all about capturing authentic moments. 
I don't just shoot weddings though! I love capturing families, seniors, couples, and just about anything you need. 

First and foremost I am a wife and mama, and I love my family with my whole heart. My husband has been my biggest supporter and encouragement. There's a chance you might get to meet him at a session! 

I absolutely love what I do, and LOVE getting to meet all of you even more! 

I am a HUGE animal lover. I have two dogs and a cat of my own. So if you were considering bringing a pet along to your session the answer is YES!

Here's Some Fun Things About Me 

I love to watch tv shows and New Girl is my all time favorite. I've seen it more times than I can count, and you will most likely hear me quote it at some point 

I was born in Georgia, but moved to Michigan when I was around 6 years old. I like to say I am a southern girl at heart, but my hubby will quickly correct me to say I have lived in Michigan A LOT longer.

I love love love Dr. Pepper. It's a major weakness.... Same with chocolate.

For a long time I said I would never shoot weddings. One day I went along with a friend and instantly fell in love. Now I'm full time and loving it!


The main reason I love photography is all of the wonderful people I get to meet. I have met some of the kindest and just all around awesome people through my job. I am 100% an introvert, but when I get behind the camera it's like I'm a different person. No matter what kind of session you book, I can promise we will have so much fun,  and we both will leave with a smile on our face! 

Allison Lynn-1448.jpg

So what do you think? Ready to make some memories?

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